TCharacterClass Class Reference

A character classification. More...

#import <character.h>

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Public Member Functions

(id) - init:name_race:name_class:start_lvl:start_hp_max:start_str:start_cons:start_intel:start_wis:start_charisma:start_dex:start_speed:lvl_exp_increment:exp_increment:exp_bonus:hp_bonus:str_bonus:cons_bonus:intel_bonus:wis_bonus:charisma_bonus:dex_bonus:speed_bonus:hunger_speed:
 Params are copied into the respective fields in the new class.
(id) - free
(void) - setskillset:
 Set a new skillset for the class.

Public Attributes

int start_lvl
 Starting level.
int start_hp_max
 Starting max hp.
int start_str
 Starting strength.
int start_cons
 Starting constitution.
int start_intel
 Starting intelligence.
int start_wis
 Starting wisdom.
int start_charisma
 Starting charisma.
int start_dex
 Starting dexterity.
int start_speed
 Starting speed.
int lvl_exp_increment
 Ammount of exp points needed to level up.
int exp_increment
 Part of the way the new lvl_exp_increment is determined after leveling up.
float exp_bonus
 Other half of how lvl_exp_increment is determined after leveling up.
float hp_bonus
 Multiplied with level and added to max_hp after leveling up.
float str_bonus
 Multiplied with level and added to str after leveling up.
float cons_bonus
 Multiplied with level and added to cons after leveling up.
float intel_bonus
 Multiplied with level and added to intel after leveling up.
float wis_bonus
 Multiplied with level and added to wis after leveling up.
float charisma_bonus
 Multiplied with level and added to charisma after leveling up.
float dex_bonus
 Multiplied with level and added to dex after leveling up.
float speed_bonus
 Multiplied with level and added to speed after leveling up.
int hunger_speed
 should be positive, how fast hunger increases
int thirst_speed
 should be positive, how fast thirst increases
 Set of skills that can be learned by this class.

Protected Attributes

char * name_race
char * name_class

Detailed Description

A character classification.

Defines things that are specific to a "class" of characters, not one character. For example, you might create a character class of a Human Rogue or of an Elvish Archer. Note that is is specific to Race and race class.

Definition at line 62 of file character.h.

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